Our People

Our People

Our People

The Papilio Early Learning Essendon educators are a dedicated and close-knit team, striving to become the best early childhood educators they can be. Our educators are enthusiastic about providing the children in our care with warm, nurturing and fun environments.

Our teachers and educators are the shining stars that deliver high quality early education and care every day. We encourage you to come in and meet our team!

Centre Manager

Jess Foster

Years in childcare

10 years


Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

What makes you passionate about working in childcare?

Working as an Early Childhood Educator provides me with an insight to young children’s minds on a day to day basis. I love knowing that each day brings fun, laughter and enjoyable moments. Being able to watch the children learn, grow and develop into their own individual personalities as their outlook on life becomes more magical throughout their early years. I enjoy being able to see a child challenge themselves day in and day out, the expression on their faces when they succeed is indescribable.

Being a leader of an Early Education Service enables me to mentor and guide our educators to provide a curriculum that is not only educational but fun. I believe in our educators developing their programs to focus on the rich learning that takes place.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare?

Here at Papilio Early Learning Essendon we are committed to offering a partnership of respect, kindness, trust and honesty to ensure that not only the child, but the families are included in the child’s learning and development.

We create a rich learning environment, which enables those involved to feel respected, safe, secure and supported. We provide a service that endeavours to uphold a high standard of commitment to ensure that the highest quality education and care is maintained as well as reflecting and practising our communities’ values and beliefs.

Assistant Centre Manager

Assistant Centre Manager

Nike Ciotti 

Qualification: Diploma Early Childhood Education & Care
Years holding diploma: 4 years

What have I loved most about our Centre:
Well sourced equipment for the children, great outdoor area and excursions for the children to participate in each month. Our dedicated Educators who work very hard to settle in the children during their first initial orientation sessions.

What is my philosophy:
As a leader, it is important to be good role modelling for our Educators and Children.
Trustworthy/ honest it is important skill to have in an individual person.
I believe learning is happening all the time, these include: physical, social/emotional, cognitive and communication. It is important to include all those area in programming to make an ongoing learning experience safe, positive and fun, nurturing the whole child as I am ready to guide them into the next stage of development with confidence in themselves and continued their learning. I believe that a child should be taught with love and understanding. Children should be understood and guided according to researched information of children and their development. I believe every child is unique and the first five years of their life is the most curtal and important.
Lead Educator

Lead Educator

Jehan Ahmad Toddler room 2 years – 3 years

Qualification: Diploma Children’s Services

Years in Child Care: 10 amazing years

What have I loved most about our Centre: The thing I love most about working at Papilio Early Learning is the beautiful environments and all play spaces for the children. Play is a vital part in children’s lives as they learn through play.

What is my philosophy: As an educator of young children it is my goal to help them grow in self-confidence. Each child is an individual and as an educator I value and develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend on their learning. I believe children learn through play. I provide learning opportunities for children to explore, discover, create and imagine. I believe in cultural diversity and respect and celebrate the benefits of each child’s culture.
I believe the play space environment children are exposed to plays a major role I the success of a early childhood program that I complete.
I believe learning in an early childhood environment is done most successfully through stations that can be visited and explore. I ensure the play spaces and environments support children’s social and communication skills, physical abilities and cognitive development,
Through this I will work closely and build and challenge children’s learning. I like to collaborate and work closely with families as this allows my program to run smoothly and accordingly to children’s needs and focus points. I am very passionate about children and have a great love for my job where I am able to help and assist children learning and growth on their journey here with me.
Lead Educator

Lead Educator

Natalie Lowe Nursery room 6 weeks – 2 years old

Qualification: Bachelor of Early Childhood

Years in Child Care: 26 Years

Years holding Bachelor: 4 years

What have I loved most about our Centre:
I have loved every moment of getting to know the team of educators.
We have only known each other for a short time and already we have a great team who is like a working family. I have also been amazed at the families in our new community and how welcoming & supportive they have been to all of us.

What is my philosophy:
I believe that every child is an individual. As an Educator I provide opportunities that encourage children to engage, learn and grow as they explore their surroundings.
I believe it is important to design and implement learning experiences that foster child’s strengths, interests, skills and abilities to extend on their learning.
I believe that learning occurs in an environment that is rich in sensory play enabling children time to explore different materials and mediums that can be revisited time and time again.
Teaching children is my passion, I love watching the growth and development of each individual child knowing that even in the littlest possible way I was able to scaffold that little individual to succeed in their early years.
For this reason, I believe that security and trust are very important components to develop as well as my relationship with each individual child.
My program will strive to be developmentally appropriate, giving children the opportunities to master new challenges through experiences that are meaningful to them, helping to build on their identities.
I will develop the curriculum through observations gathered of the children, ensuring they are giving the opportunity to initiate their own learning.
I believe every child is unique in their own way and should be given the chance through play and development to let their personality shine.